Food problem in North Africa the Middle East - current situation ...

Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World It relies on imports from abroad, eating habits of our Japanese. In fact, even in the distant North Africa Middle East from Japan, it relies on imports for food security in the same way. In addition, we and you have many imported grain, there are also common, such as its main import partner is the United States. On the other hand, a different climate and Japan, North Africa the Middle East is located in the high-temperature drying zone. Among the poor harvest of crops is also due to heat waves in the should of Japan in a relatively mild climate are daily reported in the news, what does this food production of the region are having any problems. Impact of climate change on food production In natural resources Shinya Abe is in charge of the (water resources) development management's Middle East Regional Office of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), for the food problem of the North Africa Middle East region that are dependent on imports for food security , I have to talk in terms of challenges to the status quo and climate change of water resources.

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