It can be seen from! United States vs. Iran (Part I) Why to confrontation?

Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World Aim! Current affairs master United States vs. Iran (Part I) Why to confrontation? Resources are scarce for Japan, an important Middle East region. Including the oil shock and the Gulf War, the situation in the Middle East has been a major influence on Japanese life. And, now, we have deepened the conflict in the Middle East powers Iran and the United States. Trump administration Why take a tough stance on Iran? Influence and to Japan, the future prospects? Student reporter reblogged emergency coverage. desk was stationed in Tehran bureau of Iran from 2.0 years to 2.0 years. [Iran, one of the most impressive changes the country before and after to go]. 0 years later 0 years of Tehran resident is stationed in Washington, I had taught from both countries point of view of Iran and the United States. Please see What happens is America VS. Iran (Part II) tense? From here. Please see from here you want! If you learn more about the Middle East. Today thank you. What Iran, honestly, I do not only about impression that distant country First of all do you know what I Iran, where is it? Did did better in the upper right corner of Saudi Arabia? It is really that level.

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