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Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World Vast artificial islands Ohgishima floating in Tokyo Bay (Yokohama). On a hill overlooking the Keihin region, towering hills of about height, which is covered in grass. The shape of the dome-shaped reminds circular mound, liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank Unit identity is Tokyo Gas Ohgishima plant began operating last year. In about the size of Nara Todai-ji Temple of the Hall of the Great Buddha enters comfortably, it vertex part is sticking out on the ground. Capacity is the world's largest ten thousand. It can cover the annual gas consumption of households about Prices min. It was built with an investment of about 0,000,000,000 yen anticipation of future demand. Transport LNG in tankers Malaysia and Qatar, from such as Sakhalin. Transported to the tank in the undersea tunnel from the pier of Ohgishima off the coast of 00, as a raw material of city gas to support the lives and industry. In to stop the operation one after another nuclear power plant of the country, LNG is to enhance the sense of presence to play a half of thermal power generation.

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