Resource-related shares such as international Teikoku is high, crude ...

Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World INPEX <0.T> and Japan Petroleum Exploration <.T> high resource energy related shares such as. Near-term things the day before ratio of US crude oil futures WTI of the day (West Texas Intermediate over G) 0. Dollar barrel. Dollar to rise. From the fact that there has been a growing tensions between the United States and Iran, puffy buying of crude oil. US sanctions strengthen against Iran due from the beginning of the month in the background in the feet, conflict is sharpening between the two countries. In particular, on the day there is also a movement of coalition forces of Saudi-led bombing of the arsenal of the Shiite armed organization, the future, that the growing wariness of the Middle East situation is more tense it is a factor contributing to a rise in crude oil prices there.

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